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A simple question

To all the “fiduciary-money-mongers” like Paul Krugman.  A simple question to these tricksters who pretend to make us believe in their “magic papers”.  A question that they cannot answer. Advertisements

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The solution: war on education

An idea that didn’t come out from Paul Krugman’s mind… maybe because he is not interested in education (so the masses go on worshiping his Keynesian nonsense).

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Paul vs. Krugman

Sounds like Hayek vs. Keynes reloaded… Lots of people still prefer to believe in the power of the snake oil provided by the government peddlers…    

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The best medicine (and the worst)

Excellent and simple.  Like truth! And remember:  Ron Paul IS a doctor!!

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Going on with Paul Krugman

Yesterday I posted something I have seen in Google+ about some statement purpotedly done by Paul Krugman. After I posted it, the Google+ account “dissapeared”, and here is the reason:  somebody created a fake profile of Paul Krugman,  to post … Continue reading

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Hallucinating with Paul Krugman

The Nobel prize has given me the most intense hallucination ever without taking drugs.  In his  Google plus account  the preferred guru of the keynesians has left us the following quote:   “ we would see a bigger boost in spending and … Continue reading

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Fake Alien Invasion Can Improve The Economy

Paul Krugman has the solution to improve the Economy.  In 18 months we would be fine! You don’t have a hallucination.  It is true:  the “Nobel prize” has said it.  You can watch it again.  And again,  and again.  It … Continue reading

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