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Gold vs. currencies

This chart shows the depreciation of fiat currency against gold since 1900. It is dangerously approaching to zero. Do you still trust fiat currency? Advertisements

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Your money vs. real money

This is the “money” you have in your wallet: “Monopoly” money, colored papers, fake. MONEY according to the constitution looks quite different. This is how REAL MONEY looks: “Money is different from all other commodities: other things being equal, more shoes, … Continue reading

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What about you?

Do you have any?  If not, better to hurry up!

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The Case for a Genuine Gold Dollar

by Murray N. Rothbard [The Gold Standard: Perspectives in the Austrian School. Edited with an Introduction by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. Copyright © 1992. The Ludwig von Mises Institute. Auburn, Ala. Pp. 116-130; The Gold Standard: An Austrian Perspective. Lexington, MA: … Continue reading

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The proof of theft

10 years ago there was a big shock worldwide.  The Argentine government imposed the “Corralito“, a mesure to almost completely freeze bank accounts and forbide withdrawals from U.S. dollar-denominated accounts. The dollar was the natural refugee of the argentine’s savings, dissolved by … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on the power to control money

a long time ago, back in the ’70s, when  Ron Paul decided to get into politics, right after Nixon decided to end Breton Woods.  Nobody like him has been able to point out that the problem is MORAL:  No government … Continue reading

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