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This is not a military coup

This is a REVOLUTION! They are talking about 14 million demonstrators.  Some others even raise it to 33 millions.  The biggest protest in a political event ever in history. There are already 22 millions who have signed a petition demanding … Continue reading

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Walk like an Egyptian

While the media repeats the words of the Muslim Brotherhood and its speaker Al-Jazeera about a “full coup” in Egypt, I have decided to join the crowd and celebrate that maybe freedom and justice (not the political party of the … Continue reading

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We the people = We the enemy?

Now you can tell me that they guy has gone to Moscow, to Cuba or to North Korea.  I don’t care.  We are “the enemy”.  You too.

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Spying on American citizens?

  Barack Obama defends secret surveillance reports, assuring citizens phone calls are private.  Are we going to believe him? No, we can’t!

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Guns facts

        “Guns in the hands of victims serve as a control on guns in the hands of murderers or would-be murderers.” George Reisman, “Gun control – On the government guns”   It is not the gun.  It … Continue reading

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Free cheese?

Free cheese is only found in mouse traps….

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North Korea and South Korea

A picture is worth a thousand words… “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus Pyongyang Style Gangnam Style

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