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Overdose – The next world economic crisis

We have reached this point by letting others make decisions on our lives, asking for more “help”, more “bailouts”, more credit and by being irresponsible. This is the result of “protecting” the inverstors and consumers from their own decisions. Be … Continue reading

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The bubble

This is the trailer of a very interesting film coming in this fall.  “The Bubble” asks the experts who predicted the current crisis what happened and why.  The film posses the question:   “Is the economy really improving or are we … Continue reading

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Freedom and safety (again)

“Freedom is not defined by safety.  Freedom is defined by the ability of citizens to live without government interference.  Government cannot create a world without risks, nor would we really wish to live in such a fictional place.  Only a … Continue reading

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This cannot be true

It must be a lie. All capitalists are evil. Only government helps people!

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10 tips to save 1,5 trillion dollars to the U.S government

Easy tips to help the US federal government to cut 1,5 trillion dollars in 10 years only.  It is not a joke…

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The “short” history of Obamacare

This is the short history about “Obamacare”. Remember it the next time you hear a Republican opposing to Obamacare.  Well…. with the exception of the only  pre-candidate that never supported this bill: Ron Paul.

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I wonder…

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