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Brotherhood of the peaceful and loving bros

Peaceful Muslim Brotherhood civilians protesting for democratic rights in Egypt, according to themselves. Source:  Twitter A2Mac In the meantime…. the dead toll rises up to 800 persons, the christians are hunted like rabbits, killed for wearing a cross and their … Continue reading

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A simple question

To all the “fiduciary-money-mongers” like Paul Krugman.  A simple question to these tricksters who pretend to make us believe in their “magic papers”.  A question that they cannot answer.

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Guns and fears

    Michael Moore, the rich …. has made the following racist, classist statements.  Because it is racist to claim that only white men own guns.  Because it is classist to say that only wealthy people living in the suburbs … Continue reading

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How I am going to celebrate the “Earth hour”

  “Fear can only grow in darkness. Once you face fear with light, you win.” Author unknown

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Some people have no sense of the ridiculous… Few weeks ago some morons met  in Doha, Qatar,for the UN Climate Change Conference. CFACT asked the delegates to if they would be willing to wear a carbon capture mask that filters … Continue reading

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Galileo was here


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Noam Chomsky…. “the libertarian”

I will never understand why some people consider Noam Chomsky as a libertarian…. He should be called what he really is and himself acknowledges being:  a SOCIALIST. “Ron Paul is a nice guy”…. and his policies are “off the wall”. … Continue reading

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