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Margaret Thatcher on socialism

Her voice will be heard clearer and stronger when the disasters conceived by the socialists in all parties are no longer concealed by the manipulation of reality: Advertisements

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Margaret Thatcher – Rest in Peace

 “I came to office with one deliberate intent: to change Britain from a dependent to a self-reliant society — from a give-it-to-me, to a do-it-yourself nation. A get-up-and-go, instead of a sit-back-and-wait-for-it Britain.” Margaret Thatcher, a woman with such common … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

  Tax cuts should be for life, not just for Christmas. George Osborne. Merry Christmas!

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It is easy after all!!

Me is mine, you is yours!  

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Mises, government and property rights

“All those in positions of political power, all governments, all kings, and all republican authorities have always looked askance at private property. There is an inherent tendency in all governmental power to recognize no restraints on its operation and to … Continue reading

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16 days…

for the release in theaters of “ATLAS SHRUGGED – II PART”.  If you are not in the US, please check the store in their website Soon the film will be available in DVD and BlueRay.        

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The closest to reality…. I feel totally identified with the last picture “What I really do”.  That is what I really do …

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