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Unless your wife is a stripper…

or you are a warmonger…    

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Brotherhood of the peaceful and loving bros

Peaceful Muslim Brotherhood civilians protesting for democratic rights in Egypt, according to themselves. Source:  Twitter A2Mac In the meantime…. the dead toll rises up to 800 persons, the christians are hunted like rabbits, killed for wearing a cross and their … Continue reading

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Walk like an Egyptian

While the media repeats the words of the Muslim Brotherhood and its speaker Al-Jazeera about a “full coup” in Egypt, I have decided to join the crowd and celebrate that maybe freedom and justice (not the political party of the … Continue reading

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We the people = We the enemy?

Now you can tell me that they guy has gone to Moscow, to Cuba or to North Korea.  I don’t care.  We are “the enemy”.  You too.

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Facebook privacy under Obama?


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Spying on American citizens?

  Barack Obama defends secret surveillance reports, assuring citizens phone calls are private.  Are we going to believe him? No, we can’t!

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Give me Liberty or give me Death!

The famous “Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death” speech of Patrick Henry, as recorded by Librovox:

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