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Guns and fears

    Michael Moore, the rich …. has made the following racist, classist statements.  Because it is racist to claim that only white men own guns.  Because it is classist to say that only wealthy people living in the suburbs … Continue reading

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(thanks to C. Butterbach!)

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The end of the world is tomorrow, but we still have a chance to survive!

I have just learnt about this website “ESCAPE EARTH 2012 TICKETS” that offer packs to escape from the end of the world announced by the mayans (if we believe those who are able to interpret some drawings on an old … Continue reading

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Some people have no sense of the ridiculous… Few weeks ago some morons met  in Doha, Qatar,for the UN Climate Change Conference. CFACT asked the delegates to if they would be willing to wear a carbon capture mask that filters … Continue reading

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These men have “the power”

Yes, the power of driving women crazy.  They are so full of sex-appeal… they don’t need to follow advice or trends, they don’t need to wear perfumes with pheromones to attract females, ….they are true alpha males. Elvis The Beatles Justin … Continue reading

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Before it was the Mayans….now it is the Incas

It seems that this world will not survive the end of 2012…. before it was the Mayans announcing the end of the world, and now an Inca descendant who announces the end of capitalism and    Oh my God!!!  the … Continue reading

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Insane woman

Not only that she exposes herself to radiation to have this “chocolate” skin color, but also she puts her daughter close enough to that radiation that she gets burned. Some freaks can be scary.

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