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Overdose – The next world economic crisis

We have reached this point by letting others make decisions on our lives, asking for more “help”, more “bailouts”, more credit and by being irresponsible. This is the result of “protecting” the inverstors and consumers from their own decisions. Be … Continue reading

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Put your hands up!

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An ingenius device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility. And if instead of profits they get losses…. don’t worry:  here comes Obama, Bush, the BCE and the EU to bailout them with tons of taxpayers money … 100 billions of … Continue reading

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Classic movies remastered and obamized

It seems that the White House has decided to take the classic films to make a new version, more into the “horror” style. Here are the new versions: The treasure of Sierra Madre The Wizard of Oz Gone with the … Continue reading

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Do you want to understand how we ended up in this crisis?

Then, reserve 30 minutes of your time to watch this video with full attention: Have you felt identified with any of the protagonists?

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