Dutch “sense of humor”

On tuesday the 25th of June, to celebrate the 110th birthday of George Orwell, surveillance cameras in the center of the city of Utrecht were decorated with colorful party hats!



The goal of the Dutch artists Thomas voor ‘t Hekke and Bas van Oerle, members of the duo FRONT404 was to “celebrate” Orwell’s birthday “By making these inconspicuous cameras that we ignore in our daily lives catch the eye again we also create awareness of how many cameras really watch us nowadays, and that the surveillance state described by Orwell is getting closer and closer to reality.”

The “Big Brother” is watching you.  Today more than ever.  And who knows what the purpose is.  But don’t worry:  it is not a new thing.

(Thanks Obama, for allowing me to agree with ACLU.  I never thought that this day could arrive).

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