The end of the world is tomorrow, but we still have a chance to survive!

I have just learnt about this website “ESCAPE EARTH 2012 TICKETS” that offer packs to escape from the end of the world announced by the mayans (if we believe those who are able to interpret some drawings on an old stone).

travel-package-firstclassSo, if you want to escape from the “apocalypse” of tomorrow, you can still reserve your place in the USS Ark 2012 escape ship.

The packages offered go from 9.95 US dollars (for an e-ticket) to 44.99 US dollars for the Superluminal Package, that offers you to travel “with style”.  It includes an intergalactic passport that will allow you to pass the intergalactic checkpoints and customs without any problem.

If you die tomorrow as a consequence of the end of the world, they offer full refund of your ticket.

So… you are aware now.  Hurry up!!!


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