Other People’s Money

It is a film from 1991 that shows two different approaches to business:

The view of Jorgy, who has inherited the company from his father, the New England Wire and Cable Company, who thinks a business is about the people associated with it.

And the view of Larry the Liquidator, who thinks that the value of the company is just the value of its stocks.

When Larry’s offer to buy the company and he is refused by the owners, he tries a hostile take-over. Finally, the shareholders are asked to vote on whether they want to keep the company private and retain the existing management, or are willing to let Larry acquire the company so he could sell it and make a good profit for the shareholders.

Here is the speech of “Larry the liquidator” to the shareholders.   Is it inmoral to make money? Is it more moral to fight for the so-called”rights” of the workers to keep their job posts safe rather than to make a profit?  Whose profit is more important?

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