Before it was the Mayans….now it is the Incas

It seems that this world will not survive the end of 2012…. before it was the Mayans announcing the end of the world, and now an Inca descendant who announces the end of capitalism and    Oh my God!!!  the end of Coca Cola!!!

The head of Bolivian diplomacy on that day marked by the Mayan calendar as the end of an era, will not be the end of the world as affirmed by some prophecies, but rather the beginning of a new life full of changes and respect for Mother Earth.

That day “will also mark the end of egoism, of division, it must be the end of Coca Cola” and the beginning of “mocochinchi” (a pop drink made out of dried peaches) and of “willcaparu” (a corn refreshment).

This is a real tragedy!!!!

Bolivia announces the “end of Coca Cola and capitalism” for December 21

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