La race forte

Following all the jokes about Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential campaign, now it comes the “second round”.  This one is regarding the possible diversion of part of the votes received by the Front National (the French national socialist party) to Sarkozy.

From “La France Forte” (strong France)

to “La race forte” (strong race)

(FN stands for “Front National“, Marine Le Pen’s party)


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5 Responses to La race forte

  1. Pourquoi tu postes en anglais, alors que tu ne sais pas écrire cette langue?

  2. aleon says:

    Pourquoi je poste en anglais? Perche mi piace. And if you have any problem…. fuck you.
    Lo entendiste, huevón? Ou eu tenho que dizer-lhe em outro idioma?

  3. fisec says:

    En tout cas elle est forte celle là 😉
    (cf Louis de Funès)

  4. fisec says:

    manque encore une petite moustache bien taillé …

  5. aleon says:

    OMG! With a moustache he would look really scary!

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