Left and right

and how we misinterpret them:

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2 Responses to Left and right

  1. nestor76 says:

    That image mirrors quite exactly Rothbard’s “Left and right” of course – and “mirrors” is to be understood quite literally, as Rothbard saw anarchism as the most left-wing movement, and national socialism and stalinism as the most right-wing.
    See here: http://mises.org/daily/2099
    and for the original text:

  2. aleon says:

    Well… left and right do not really define anything, not even where they are sit, as being on the left at the French Assembly 200 something years ago might not be an accurate way of defining the ideas of who are sit now on the left (or the right) in the American Congress, the British Parliament, etc.
    In any case I am starting to be worried about the fact that Rothbard places me on the “left”..

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