The candidate of lobbyists

Somebody asked some time ago this question:  How would a libertarian society prevent rich people and corporations from influencing the decisions of politicians, judges, and police in their favor?

The answer was that the only sure way to prevent the rich from buying unfair government influence is to stop allowing government to use physical force against peaceful people. Whenever government is allowed to favor one group over another, the rich will always win, since they can “buy” more favors, overtly or covertly, than the poor… 

Another way, more practical, more effective and from grassroots is to make this information viral.  Unless you want to leave your individual rights in the hands of the lobbies (who support Mitt Romney…. and Obama!)


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4 Responses to The candidate of lobbyists

  1. Nestor says:

    And since Santorum is not exactly a friend of individual freedom (see here: ; also take a look at the Boaz article linked there), that doesn’t leave a lot of candidates…

  2. aleon says:

    Only Ron Paul… 😉

  3. Nestor says:

    …or Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party).

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