Time “person of the year 2011”

I first thought it was a hip hop band, when I saw the picture in their website.  Then I started to wonder if a woman in her niqab can be considered “the man” of the year.  Specially when all these revolts in the muslim countries have led -so far- to islamist governments…

But what can you expect from “Time”?  Steve Jobs?  Ron Paul? Angela Merkel? The Fukuyima volunteers? A Scientific?  Maybe that was too much…

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2 Responses to Time “person of the year 2011”

  1. Nestor says:

    According to this site, the “protester” on the cover is not a woman in niqab, but a guy:

    In fact that’s not true either, it’s a woman who is an “an LA resident and employee of the Robert Berman gallery” according the artist himself:

  2. chuck norris says:


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