3 tips from Steve Jobs

One month ago Steve Jobs left us.  But his work and his wisdom still can be enjoyed by us.

I want to share with you a bit (or a bite) of that wisdom he left to us:  3 principles, 3 tips he used to rule his life and helped him to make his decisions.  I am sure they are worth for everyone who feels passion for perfection and a job well done.

  • Work on principle — Jobs believed in certain things, like the importance of the customer and doing things as well and as cleanly as you can. Making decisions is far easier when you know those fundamental things you support and want to achieve.
  • Be open to change — Don’t restrict your choices. Maybe the details of what you or your company has always done in the past won’t make it going forward. The only thing to do is accept that and understand what has to come next. Don’t obsess about how to make time stop. It won’t.
  • Courage is the only choice — There will be lots of pressure to back off from a strong course of action. Don’t give in. That’s not to say never listen to others. But you can never please everyone. Trying to do so makes you lose your way and your opportunities.
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One Response to 3 tips from Steve Jobs

  1. Peyote says:

    He was great too.

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