477 x 1

is the amount of Palestinian terrorists known by their names,  that will be exchanged in order to liberate the israeli soldier Guilad Shalit.

Only by reading headlines for this new moved me to an exercise of reflection…

477 of these

for this kid:

477 Palestinian terrorirsts are worth the same as only one Israeli young soldier

And then people ask why Israel is like it is and Islam-land still is in the Middle Ages… it takes 477 Palestinian terrorists to equal 1 Israeli soldier!!!!
(and it seems the final amount will not be 477 to one, but a lot more… 1050!)

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3 Responses to 477 x 1

  1. S.Levy says:

    hahahaha good point! I would have never ever though about it.

  2. Dan says:

    Its 1050 for 1

  3. aleon says:

    Yes, you are right, but so far only 477 names have been released. It is incredible.

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