A brilliant speech

This is a clip from the 1957 movie, A King in New York, starring Charlie Chaplin and his son Michael Chaplin.

He was accused of being a communist, but after the words he put in the mouth of his own son in this movie, I seriously doubt it.


 “My prodigious sin was, and still is, being a non-conformist. Although I am not a Communist I refused to fall in line by hating them.”

Charles Chaplin

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4 Responses to A brilliant speech

  1. Kevin Sturg says:

    Chaplin was a commie!

  2. nestor says:

    The FBI found no proof that he was: http://www.thinkypedia.com/question/1176/
    He did however support helping the USSR by opening a second front in 1942, even speaking at fundraisers of the CP of the USA. During that period Chaplin held some views on Stalin and USSR that strike us as quite naïve (though he was hardly alone in this, if you read the american press between 1943-45, Stalin is usually presented as a “great leader”).
    It seems he had grown up by 1957 (just one year after the soviet crushing of the hungarian revolution) and was less naïve. In any case, this speech is great :-).

  3. aleon says:

    Thanks Nestor for your information. Yes, the man was accused several times of being a communist, but as he never chose Moscow to live in exile but Switzerland… I guess that he was “naive” as he was very poor as a child and it is easy to fall into such mistakes. But when he puts these words in the mouth of his own child… then… I have to doubt that he was a communist. The speech sounds quite anarchist 😉

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