9-11 Tribute

Sometimes I think that the best tribute would be to rebuild them and show the world that no terrorist will defeat our spirit of freedom.

Rest in peace, my fellow men who died 10 years ago.

God bless America.

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3 Responses to 9-11 Tribute

  1. cariboo69 says:

    Maybe you are right. One tower consecrated to honor the memory of the victims as a sort of museum (because sites like this http://www.tributewtc.org/index.php are not enough) and the other to honor WORLD FREE TRADE, because free trade is the only thing that will bring peace for all.

  2. aleon says:

    Thanks Cariboo, I think that it would be a fair idea and a way to give some sort of “normality” back to NYC and the rest of the world.

  3. Emory Hodde says:

    I by and large do not leave comments on other peoples blog posts!!! Believe me! But I enjoyed your blog site…especially this post! I have a Related site of my own … Would you mind terribly if I posted a return link from my web site to your blog site? You don’t have to reciprocate, I just wanted to inform you as to what I was doing.

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