What’s going on in the US?

I read every week about new cases of police brutality in the United States.  Several times per week actually.

Elderly people, families with babies, abuses for no reason… it looks like some kind of madness has taken over the police forces in America.

The last case, extremely reprehensible,  was a few days ago in Arizona. A police officer tasered a mentally handicapped man.  The man was standing in the street, outside a Golden Corral restaurant in Prescott, with his hands up. The official explanation is as follows:

A tribal police officer says he was forced to Tase the 41-year-old. According to a Yavapai Prescott Tribal Police Report, several people called 911 to report that Denoyelles was standing outside the Golden Corral in Prescott, harassing customers, asking for food, money, and yelling at them.

The officer who Tased him says he told Denoyelles to turn around seven times after putting his hands up.

Denoyelles refused, and the officer says he had no choice but to Tase him.

The real explanation is in this video, shot by one occasional witness. Judge for yourself:

The man, Robert Denoyelles, was charged with taken in for resisting arrest, but the charge has been dropped to disorderly conduct.

It seems that the era of individual rights is about to end up, defeated by the almighty state and its police.

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2 Responses to What’s going on in the US?

  1. Ken Howard says:

    This is insane and unfortunately for America it is becoming quite usual.

  2. cariboo69 says:

    What’s going on? Good question. No answer so far. Madness?

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