Hallucinating with Paul Krugman

The Nobel prize has given me the most intense hallucination ever without taking drugs.  In his  Google plus account  the preferred guru of the keynesians has left us the following quote:  

“ we would see a bigger boost in spending and hence economic growth if the earthquake had done more damage”

It seems that the “Nobel prize” thinks that the biggest the destruction, the better for the economy.  I could “swear” he has never read Bastiat. 

I would like to think that he is the one who is joking.  But I am afraid he is not…

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6 Responses to Hallucinating with Paul Krugman

  1. aleon says:

    Thanks Swami. It really looked like something he could have said. Specially after the “alien invasion” solution :-S

  2. Talita says:

    He had to say he didn’t write it. Everybody believed it was his own statement!

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