And 9 banks failed

the “soft” stresss test

The Financial Times informs that “only 9 banks failed” (the study talks about 8).   There is something a bit strange, as the European Banking Authority has tested 91 banks but only publishes the results of 90 institutions.  So… 8 (official number9 or 9 (Financial Times number)  out of 91… that is nearly 10% of the banks “tested”.  And nothing mentioned about the “almost failed” banks, which are 16 more banks…

Following the criteria of the European Banking Authority (EBA), the worst performers were the Greek banks, followed by the Spanish.  Spain is the country with more banks in the red zone: 5 (more than 50% of the total):

Here is the press release and here is the summary report issued by the EBA.

And here is my advice:

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2 Responses to And 9 banks failed

  1. Sandal says:

    sounds bad uh?

  2. aleon says:

    yes 😦 10% of the banks tested failed… another 18% in the twilight zone… that is almost 30% of the banks tested! And they feel they are in the safe side? :-S

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