I have hearded many times that Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope Benedict XVI, was a nazi, that he belonged to the nazi youth (like hundreds of thousands of young German boys who were forced to join the organization, a fact that he has explained many years ago in his autobiography, when he was only a Cardinal).

But some people has taken this manipulation too far.

Here is the picture that “proves” the nazi past of Ratzinger:


“Undeniable”… A picture is worth a thousand words.  The Pope is definitely a “bloody nazi”.

But… what happens when we see the complete picture????


Oh… it is only two young priests giving a blessing during a religious ceremony!

Don’t Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story….

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2 Responses to Manipulating

  1. José Carlos A.V. says:


  2. Pocoyo says:

    Nos la meten doblada y encima aplaudimos. La foto alterada ha sido difundida ampliamente para probar un pasado inexistente de nazi del papa y la hemos comprado. Somos gilipoyas.

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