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How I Learned the Truth about the State

I’ll never forget my last visit to lovely Hinesville, Georgia. For it was there that I learned a valuable lesson, one I shall never forget: in a police state, we’re all criminals. Think about it — how many laws have you … Continue reading

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Argentine music

from the ’80s…. Today:  “Lunes por la madrugada” by Los Abuelos de la Nada. God bless Miguel Abuelo 

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Lord Acton on the state

 In ancient times the State absorbed authorities not its own, and intruded on the domain of personal freedom. In the Middle Ages it possessed too little authority, and suffered others to intrude. Modern States fall habitually into both excesses. The most … Continue reading

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The cost of the war on drugs

It is insane.  Is it worth?  I don’t think so.

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A great duet

By Harpo and Chico Marx.

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Arachno-capitalism is stupid

I do not agree completely with the video:  If spiders cannot be capitalists because they don’t have pockets… maybe they could knit a silk purse…

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Need a lift

How to irritate people :-P

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Disconnect to connect


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The Obama-million of dollars

Obama funny money! Just the thing for paying taxes, making “change”, purchasing Obama healthcare and more! We are sure you’ll come up with a million uses of your own for this Million Obama dollar bill. You can buy it here. … Continue reading

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Non-aggression principle

Stefan Molyneux’s  video on the non-aggression principle and the Sun-as-the-center-of-the-Solar System theories. It is worth watching it. You have been lied to your entire life By people who were lied to their entire lives For the benefit of those Who desire power … Continue reading

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