All griefs with bread are less

Amazing!  I am speechless…

From here

to… an appartment of 630 m2 at the Bristol Plaza, in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City, that costs 14,000 dollars per month. 
After paying a 1 million dollars cash bail, this is the new “jail” for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former IMF chief and commander (and sexual abuser as it seems).

The “appartment” has a gym, a spa, a bar, a cinema and a huge terrace.

Who pays for it?  Who knows…. in the end maybe you and I.

The family room

The bathroom

The kitchen

The gym

The cinema

One of the bedrooms

The terrace

That’s moving up….  As the old Spanish proverb says…. All griefs with bread are less

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One Response to All griefs with bread are less

  1. Mey says:

    It seems he is not ordinary man after all if he deserves such privileges. I would like to know if he is paying his attorneys, the bail and this luxurious appartment from his own pocket.

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